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Debates in Florida, Shady Deals in California


Offshore drilling remains hot topic at Tallahassee debate

Florida oil drilling opponents challenge report

Florida State to Host Second Symposium on Offshore Drilling (Audubon of Florida)

Is oil drilling safe in the Gulf of Mexico? SAFE says so – or do they?
“Please join your fellow Floridians and tourists alike for Hands Across the Sand on Saturday, February 13th.”


More Questions Than Answers on Offshore Drilling Agreement
“EDC is setting a precedent that absolutely will lead to widespread drilling on the coast. Instead of maintaining a strict opposition to offshore drilling on the merits, they've indicated that such opposition has a price, and once met, opposition will go away.”

Oil & Secrecy


Shell offshore oil drill plan in Alaska challenged


The phony oil drilling debate (Scitizen)
This is from September 2008, but it’s still relevant.
“It’s at least order of magnitude more important to worry about the demand side, rather than the supply side.”