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December Rise Above Plastics Committee Meeting Summary

We Rise Above Plastics! We Rise Above Plastics! From left to right: Haley, Devin, Marissa, Jonathan, SDR, and Walker.

We covered many topics at tonights meeting and it felt good to get back in touch with fellow activists and meet some new ones. Devin hailing from Seattle, WA was a fresh face at tonight's meeting and brought several great ideas and some unbridled enthusiasm to the group. She plans to start communicating with local farmer's markets to try and persuade patrons to opt for reusable totes instead of the status quo, plastic bags. In addition, Devin wants to help support a t-shirt upcycle event with KPRI FM that turns old clothing into fashion totes.

Day Without a Bag 2012 is just around the corner, and we are still looking for two volunteers to coordinate the Seaside Market and Mission Beach events. Watch this video of last year's event. For more details and event locations click here.

The Raptivist cards are here...but what exactly are they? The business card sized promos are designed to be photographed and shared on social media websites to either promote  good plastics-free practices or call out single use abuse in our communities. The cards feature a thumb that can either be turned up in the "Yay!" position or downward in the "Nay!" position. Look for an upcoming video PSA by Walker and Laura to help demystify these little cards.

Haley is currently working on a Surfrider Green Business Program that will help educate and encourage local business to make eco-friendly choices. Jonathan and Walker volunteered to help begin designing a brochure to help spread the word.

Our next committee meeting will be on January 8th and we will be planning our 2013 Rise Above Plastics goals for 2013. Come one come all and bring lots of great awareness ideas! View the Surfrider San Diego event calendar.