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Decisions Nearing; Oil Companies Lobbying; Fishermen Worried


Interior Secretary Sees Offshore Leasing Plan in 30-45 Days

Salazar closes in on offshore drilling decision


Oil company spending lavishly to get around Carpinteria law,0,3506662.column
This is proposed onshore drilling, but it affects coastal and offshore resources.


Florida legislators consider lifting ban on offshore drilling


Va. Senate backs bill to send offshore-drilling cash to transportation, environment
“What a difference a few days makes. Voting 21-19, the Virginia Senate today backed legislation earmarking cash from offshore oil and gas exploration for education, the environment and transportation. The Democrat-controlled Senate had rejected a similar bill earlier in the 2010 session, largely to send a message to Gov. Bob McDonnell to go public on his remedy to the state's fiscal crisis. The House bill passed this afternoon and the defeated Senate measure are largely symbolic measures. That's because it will be years, if ever, before Virginia sees royalties from offshore drilling.”

Uncertainty not worth spoiling coast


Tribes concerned about loss of fishing due to oil spills
“After having been essentially excluded from the commercial fishery in Nova Scotia for some time, Aboriginal fishermen have seen a dramatic growth in their ranks in the past ten years and they are worried that this productive period could come to an abrupt end by the dangers posed by recent moves to approve oil and gas production on Georges Bank.”