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Desalination Plants Like Poseidon Resources Suck Up Millions Of Fish Eggs.

Here's a great clip of Marco Gonzalez of CERF, explaining why one aspect of the planned desalination project in Carlsbad is a nightmare. We've covered this aspect of sub-floor intakes before and there are pics here to see what these massive pipes look like

Our favorite part is when Mr. Maloni Baloney explains that sub-floor intakes to protect the surrounding marine environment are just not possible in Carlsbad. It's another example of how Mr. Maloni and his Big Business friends at the ill-conceived desalination project spin the truth because right up the street, our friends in Orange County are using "slant wall technology, to avoid affecting the marine environment".

There are successful sub-seafloor pilots at both Dana Point and in Long Beach Harbor. Surfrider Foundation has supported these projects. And if they can do it — so can Poseidon.

If you can't see the video, click here.