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Dog Board by Andy Cook

 "Dog Board" happened during a time of searching. My wife and I uprooted from Kentucky and were looking for a home. The ocean lured us to California and San Diego claimed us in time. When I took the picture Dog Board was painted from we were still homeless. Watching this happy pup splash around in Solana Beach, we knew in our hearts that our home was soon to be shown to us." -  Oil on canvas 36" x 24"

Andy Cook is an artist, musician, poet/writer, publisher and welder who resides with his wife Kelly Cook in San Diego California. Andy was born with a talent for the Arts and has been producing artwork for the past 35 years attaining international exposure for his visual art, music, and poetry. His work has been displayed in numerous art galleries across the country and he has also curated many art and music events.

Andy is the primary graphic designer for Cook Creative.