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Encinitas City Council Meeting Report 2/13/08

The purpose of my posting our City Monitor reports is to let our members know that we are reviewing matters at a very local level, to determine if projects and decisions will have an impact on our oceans, waves and beaches. Here is a report from Aran Wong, one of our Encinitas City Monitors, on the Encinitas City Council Meeting of 2/13/08:

(1) Smoking Ban Ordinance: The proposed Encinitas Smoking Ban Ordinance was taken off calendar and is set to be heard on February 20, 2008. According to Deputy Mayor Houlihan, the City Council apparently had some minor changes that it wanted to make to the language before voting on it. I will attend the meeting on behalf of Surfrider in support of the ban.

(2) Applications for the Environmental Committee: The City Council heard applicants for the Environmental Committee explain their qualifications and interests in serving on the commission/committee. There were several qualified “green” applicants, and it will be interesting to see who the City Council chooses.

(3) Informational Presentation of the Streetscape Project: Various speakers discussed their visions for the North Coast Highway 101 Streetscape Project. No decisions were made regarding the project.