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Encinitas City Council Meeting Report 2/27/08

From Aran Wong:

(1) The San Dieguito Water District gave a presentation to the City Council. Because of the current drought, the Drought Response Work Group was formed to prepare for a supply cutback. It is currently working on a model ordinance and considering limiting landscaping and washing of hardscape. The model ordinance should be ready in March.

(2) The Council had a public hearing to discuss water rates and meter service charges. Water costs have more than doubled, and the Council is considering increasing rates and encouraging conservation.

(3) The Mayor gave his State of the City speech. A Cardiff Specific Plan is being prepared, which will be forwarded to the City Council. An EIR for the Hall property will be completed and submitted for certification by the summer of this year. The City will place a measure on the ballot to require short term rentals to pay a transient occupancy tax to help pay for beach replenishment, public services and other benefits to the community.