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Enviro's concerns with the County Water Authority's Master Plan and Climate Action Plan

Many of the local environmental organizations chimed in and submitted comment letters on the County Water Authority's Master Plan and Climate Action Plan. Check out the letter from the Bay Council, a coalition of local nonprofit organizations dedicated to the protection and restoration of regional coastal waters and related environmental issues in the San Diego region, which contains Surfrider's concerns. You can also see the scoping comments submitted in May of 2013, which were all but ignored in the current draft of the Master Plan and Climate Action Plan.

Furthermore, 278 activists signed an action alert directed at the County Water Authority. We will find out soon if the County Water Authority is going to take any of this seriously and amend their first draft of the 20-year plans.

Here are comment letters from several other environmental organizations pointing out the inadequacies in the draft Climate Action Plan:

Comments from Coastal Environmental  Rights Foundation (CERF)

Comments from Cleveland National Forest Foundation (CNFF)

Comments from