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Final Draft of Sunset Cliffs Drainage Plan Released

The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Drainage Plan has achieved another milestone with the distribution of the Draft Final.

Un-natural stormwater flow from and across the natural park is a huge problem because it causes extensive erosion in the park and washes the eroding soils, and other polutants into the ocean where the public plays and many of us surf.

The city of San Diego staff, along with several community groups, has been working for over six years to develop this plan. Still, it may not address the Surfrider philosophy of "Slow it, Spread it, Sink it".

Surfrider attended the public presentation of the study last summer and provided comments. We are anxious to determine if the consultants responded to our concerns.

San Diego Park and Recreation Department will be holding a public presentation of the draft final version of the plan at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 20th at the Jim Howard Hall at Robb Field in beautiful Ocean Beach. We are expecting high-ranking city official interest in this presentation, and encourage you to come along and let these folks know your thoughts and concerns.