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First surf monitoring report released

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Tom Cook, Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter's surf monitoring lead and Beach Preservation Committee co-chair, and many other dedicated surf monitor volunteers, we are happy to announce the release of our first surf monitoring report. We initiated a volunteer-driven surf spot monitoring program with the goal of monitoring the response of five surf spots nearby Regional Beach Sand Project(RBSP) II receiver beaches to the RBSP II beach fills. Funding assistance came from the County Neighborhood Improvement Grant Program. During the reporting period, a video camera network recorded daily surf conditions, which was reviewed and reported on by a number of trained volunteers. These volunteers analyzed 10 minute long daily video clips and filled out a survey which included surfer counts, length of ride, number of rides, and other wave quality parameters.  The period of reporting covers October 2011 through October 2012. During this period, only the beach fill at Imperial Beach had been completed. Therefore, tracking changes or effects to surf spot quality from the RBSP II beach fill are not discussed in this report. Results from daily surf quality parameters are presented for all surf spots and separately for each individual surf spot. An initial assessment of the short-term impacts at Imperial Beach is also provided in this report.

Download the full report here