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Five things you can do related to the gulf oil spill

Here are five things YOU can do to related to the Gulf oil spill.

Join more than 12,000 others and make your voice heard. 
Tell President Obama and Congress to restore the full moratorium on new offshore drilling in federal waters.

Join thousands across America on June 26th as we come together to take a stand. 
On June 26 we are coordinating a nationwide event to oppose new offshore drilling. It's called Hand Across the Sand. It will take place in all coastal states in the United States.

Stay up to speed on spill details on our blog: 
Stay tuned on the latest news, ways to participate in our Not The Answer campaign, and join the conversation about the disaster unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico.

Tweet! Related, a few relevant Twitter feeds to add to your mix are: @surfrider @envirosurf @bpglobalpr @skytruth @jimmoriarty

@chadenelsen Tweet about oil spill using #oilspill

Volunteer in Florida and Gulf. If you live in the Gulf or Florida regions you can document what you see and find with our Spill Tracker here:

or download the iphone app to report impacts here.

If you're in this area and have never connected with a local chapter, now is a great time to do it. Find the local dozen chapters in the Gulf and in Florida:

5. Support alternatives. Engage. 

The United States has 3% of the world's oil and uses 20% of the world's oil. We cannot drill our way to national security. We need to find alternatives. 70% of oil is used for transportation. For one thing, we need use less fuel. If you drive a vehicle getting low MPG, think about that choice and what it means. If you can use make a phone call, Skype or video conferencing instead of flying, understand these choices save massive amounts of fuel. If you hear about local, state and national governments looking to invest in alternative energy solutions... pay attention.