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Help Sol Ice reduce plastic use in restaurants

We need your help rating restaurants in the local area to establish a base line and inventory of establishments that need help changing away from the use of plastics and business that are good role models.
Sol Ice is an education campaign that through the sale of delicious organic shave ice and other biodegradable concessions will showcases alternative energy, alternative transportation, biodegradable products campaign we should expect to use in our daily lives to reduce the impact on the environment.  The focus of the campaign is on the reduction and elimination of plastic debris in our urban waterways and specifically our oceans.  A portion of the profits, about a buck a cup, goes to an endowment that provides grants to local restaurants and retailers to exchange their non-biodegradable serving containers, to-go containers and bags in exchange for a written commitment to continue to only use renewable and biodegradable containers in the future.  This incentivizes positive change where there are current financial hurdles.  Several Southern California coastal municipalities ban plastics and Styrofoam and the restaurants and suppliers have adapted.  These businesses will be celebrated on our interactive website, in the press and with a sticker representing their commitment.