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Help Support State-Wide Plastic Legislation

This is a huge month for our Rise Above Plastics campaign as our State representatives will be voting on two very important pieces of state-wide legislation:

AB298 (Brownley) a Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban and SB568 (Lowenthal) a Ban of Expanded Polystyrene 'Styrofoam' take-out Containers
After years of hard work, by dedicated volunteers and activists like you, this is the moment we've all been waiting for and we need your help in the final days to get these important pieces of legislation passed!
We will be hosting a Press Conference on  Tuesday, August 14th at 10:30am at Kellogg Park near La Jolla Shores Beach.  Kellogg Park is located on Camino Del Oro, between Vallecitos and Calle Frescota in La Jolla.
Some major players will be speaking in Support of AB 298 including Surfrider Foundation's Legal Director Angela Howe, Dan Jacobson of Environment California, 11 year old Evan Lewis and many more in support of this issue. We need volunteers and activists to show support so please consider attending and feel free to invite your friends and family.  If you would like to do more, consider creating your own "Ban the Bag" rally poster to bring to the event!  If you need inspiration, contact for a fact or slogan to add to your poster.
The focus of this press conference will be in support of the state-wide plastic bag ban. In California, the last state-wide “bag ban” legislation was AB1998, which at the time was supported by retailers, environmental groups, local governments across the state and labor groups. The measure did not pass by seven measly votes. Over the last few years, similar bag ban laws have gone into effect in 50 cities and municipalities throughout California, including Solana Beach. Passing AB298 would enable a streamlining of local ordinances and laws at the state level, which would help large companies to come into compliance more easily. In every instance where a “bag ban” has become law, consumers and businesses have rapidly adapted and modified their behavior with little fanfare. Today, consumers are growing more comfortable with this notion by using paper grocery bags or reusable ones. The very idea anyone “needs” a plastic bag for a trip to the store is counter-intuitive – it’s just habit. Laws simply codify a change in habit, and the benefit is a healthier environment, both seen and unseen. Please attend this event and show your support of AB 298!
In addition to the press conference, we will still be holding our monthly Rise Above Plastics Committee Meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, August 14th at our office, which is located at 9883 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite D.We will be doing some major grassroots organizing at this meeting and we need all the help we can get! There will be a brief training and you will be provided a short script for calling our elected officials and local businesses asking for support of AB 298. It's crunch time for this issue, so if you can make this meeting please do so!
If you cannot attend the Press Conference or RAP Committee Meeting, but you would still like to show your support, please sign our action alert for AB298 and SB568, contact your local State Senator, draft a letter of support from your business and share this information with your friends and family!