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Hidden Data, Deals and Drilling Opposition


Offshore oil won’t reduce prices,0,7772245.story


MMS Withheld Offshore Drilling Data, Hindered Risk Analyses in Alaska

CALIFORNIA – multiple articles on the “new” PXP T-ridge project

Anti-drilling groups set to announce agreement on Santa Barbara County's offshore oil

New Oil Drilling Plan

Oil Drilling Deal, Act III
A PDF of the 28-page agreement is here. You can also check out the T-Ridge page on EDC's website

Calif. conservationists, oil company strike deal


Florida's U.S. Reps oppose Obama's offshore oil drilling plan


Locals see need for offshore oil production
“However, some experts have expressed concern drilling off the East Coast and Gulf Coast could impact marine life or the Floridan aquifer, a source of fresh drinking water for large areas of the Southeast. The aquifer lies underneath 100,000 square miles of land stretching from South Carolina and Georgia across Florida to Alabama and Mississippi.”


NC Senate hopefuls diverge from Obama on drilling