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High Risks, Florida Steps Back From the Brink, and Tourists Covered With Oil


No Return To Offshore Oil
“The U.S. Minerals Management Service’s somewhat outdated estimate is that untapped offshore reserves could hold 18 billion barrels of oil — about two and a half years’ worth at the current rate of domestic consumption. […] Offshore oil is a bad bargain with high risks and only limited rewards.”

Offshore Drilling Is No Joke: Environmental Risks Of Obama's Plan

No Offshore Oil Drilling: Committee Against Oil Exploration (CAOE)


Fla. House Panel To Consider Offshore Drilling
“Friday, a House committee will consider a bill that would allow exploration and drilling within 3 miles of the coast, possibly close enough to see the rigs from shore. The proposal would require that rigs and platforms stay at least six miles from shore although could slant their drills three miles closer, to bring oil to the surface from within 3 miles of the shoreline.”

Sponsor drops Fla. offshore drilling plan for now (this is an update on the story above)

Save Florida’s Coasts from State and Federal Oil Impacts (Surfrider Suncoast Chapter Action Alert)


N.C. Dems debate Jimmy Buffett lyrics
When the topic of offshore oil drilling came up, Cunningham said: "If you go swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, you come out covered in oil."