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HOTYB Old Town Transit Center Butt Litter Survey Part IV

Our volunteers picked up over 7,000 cigarette butts on April 12, 2014 at the Old Town Transit Center!!!

On Sunday, June 15, 2014, HOTYB will be conducting its fourth butt litter survey at the Old Town Transit Center, which is a high-volume butt litter area. In three previous 90 minute surveys over the last eight months, HOTYB, along with partner organization Mutts Against Butts, have picked up over 24,000 cigarette butts at the Old Town Transit Center. HOTYB has presented the results of our surveys to the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS) Board of Directors, and are in contact with the Parks Department to work with these agencies to come up with a solution for the butt litter that is taking place at this location. This will be our fourth and final butt litter survey, as we show both of these agencies that the problem is ongoing, and that action needs to be taken now to combat the thousands of butts littered there each month.

We will meet in the large parking lot by the 10 Bus Stop at the Old Town Transit Center, 4005 Taylor Street from 9am - 10:30am. We will be teaming up with Mutts against Butts in this effort. We will pick up cigarette butts for 90 minutes, as well as spread awareness with smokers about the impact butt litter has on the environment. This is a great opportunity to interact with folks who are there, who are always curious about a group of people picking up cigarette butts! Bring your own reusable bag or bucket and gloves if you have them. Limited supplies will be available for those without. If you plan on attending please sign-up by clicking here.

Contact for more information.

Thank for your time and dedication, and remember to Hold On To Your Butt!