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How Will Climate Change Impact our Water Supply?

To find out join us this Thursday, March 27th for the County Water Authority's Board meeting at 4677 Overland Avenue where they will vote on their 20-year Master Plan Update and Climate Action Plan. Many of the local environmental organizations have expressed  grave concerns with both of these plans. The final reports have been released, and they do not contain substantial changes despite the comments the CWA received. These documents will guiding water management for our region for the next 20 years, so it is really important we get it right! 
The vote on the Master Plan and Climate Action Plan will take place during the “Water Planning Committee” meeting from 9-10am. Later in the day, the CWA will also be discussing and possibly voting on how to allocate the Carlsbad desal rates. This discussion is precedent setting and can either motivate or discourage development of other local supplies of water such as potable reuse etc. That discussion will take place from 2-3pm during the “Administration and Finance” committee.

Sign up here if you plan on attending!