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Hypocrisy, Thy Name is Arnold

This coming Monday, June 8 is World Ocean Day. So, in honor of the event, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger issued the following statement:

“California's tremendous ocean and coastline are important to our environment and our economy, and every year on Ocean Day, people around the globe reflect on the many benefits the ocean provides. I encourage all Californians to take part in the Thank You Ocean campaign, which reminds us why protecting the ocean for future generations is so important. Each of us can do something to make our beaches and oceans cleaner, safer and healthier.”

Here's something YOU can do, Arnold. You can drop your plan to sell out the California coast for oil drilling dollars! Or, as the LA Times put it:

"Admittedly, the state could use the money. But that's not a good enough reason to subvert the authority of the Lands Commission, sell California's coastline in exchange for empty promises, ignore the wishes of Santa Barbara residents and dismiss the outcome of a long process of analysis and public hearings."