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Jetty at Ponto by Carolyn Guild

Carolyn Guild’s approach to photographing the environment provides poetic glimpses into our natural world. Some are dramatic grand vista landscapes. Some are extractions of the grand vista – strangely beautiful and sometimes evocative abstractions. Others present a more surrealistic view due to her use of long exposures, probing and exploring the unseen, where water becomes vaporous and dream-like, clouds show movement, and stars leave trails in the sky. Her photographs reflect her ability to connect with nature, and bring that vision home for others to reflect on.

When asked “Why black and white”? Guild’s reply is: “To see in colour is delightful to the eye, but to see in black and white delights the soul…..  No colour to attract or distract. Only the sensual lines, the shadows and highlights….  Lines, light and shapes repeated. That’s what delights my soul”.

To see more of Carolyn's work, check out her website.