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Garden Assistance Party in Carlsbad

Want to learn practical skills creating a landscape that protects our ocean? If so, sign up for our Garden Assistance Party on Saturday, July 12th from 9am-3pm in Carlsbad. We will be returning to the location of our Hands on Workshop at 4924 Loma Laguna Dr in Carlsbad to get our hands dirty and turn their old lawn into an Ocean Friendly Garden!

We will be removing any remaining turf grass, building healthy soil by sheet mulching (laying materials to prevent sunlight sparking re-growth of the grass and creating new soil), finishing up a dry stream, installing native and climate-appropriate plants, and low-flow irrigation. Lunch will be provided. Stop by for a couple hours or join us for the whole day, we just ask that you let us know you are coming so we have enough equipment for everyone.

Sign up for the Garden Assistance Party here!

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the Ocean Friendly Gardens co-chair, Shauna McKellar, at

Oceanside OFG

An Ocean Friendly Garden (OFG) applies CPR to revive our watersheds and oceans:
C - Conservation - properly-spaced native & climate appropriate plants (fruit & veggies ok);
P - Permeability - healthy soil & mulch act like a sponge & hardscape directs water into garden;
R - Retention - directing rain water into the garden and preventing runoff.