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June RAP Meeting

June 8 marked the monthly RAP meeting for San Diego Surfrider members. This meeting was held at the house of Surfrider core volunteer and RAP coordinator, Jon Severino. The agenda entailed making and painting signs for RAP day set for June 30, 2010. Volunteers participated in this sign- making party while discussing current RAP goals and events and enjoying snacks and beverages. Signs were made using paint and markers, and each represented a Rise Above Plastics theme, like eliminating single- use plastics and Styrofoam. RAP volunteers present at this meeting included Steve, Chris, Phil, Dawn, Marissa, Simone, and Judith. Thanks, Rappers!

If people missed out, they will be able to paint their own RAP sign at the June SD Chapter meeting on June 16th at Forum Hall in UTC. Hope to see you there!