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Letter to BP from 3rd Graders

Surfrider received a copy of the following letter from a 3rd grade class at Children's Day School in San Francisco:

Dear Tony Hayward of BP,

We are respectfully asking for an inspection of the Atlantis. We have been following how the Horizon leak has affected the creatures and the people living in and around the Gulf of Mexico.

We know some of the effects of oil in the environment include fish gills getting clogged with oil, and native plants and habitats being destroyed. We learned that birds cannot fly or stay warm with oil on on their wings, and that they will ingest the oil when cleaning themselves and get sick. It may also prevent them being able to hatch their eggs. Oil limits the amount of oxygen available in the water for animals, and may alter the migration paths of animals. Threatened animals may become endangered or extinct.

We know that some of the human impacts include people's eyes and lungs burning. People might leave and businesses would suffer. The oil may contaminate the drinking water. Fishermen are not able to fish or make a living. Communities outside of the gulf are suffering as well.

We respect what your company does but sometimes you need to stop, and make it safe for others. Stopping the pumps will cost money, but another disaster like this may destroy your company. Think of your employees, your customers and people everywhere. What you do affects everyone.

If you don't prevent another leak from happening you are setting yourself up for disaster.

Please consider what we are saying.


The Blue Jays