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Marine Life Protection Act Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting in Carlsbad, CA

One of the Last Chances to Provide Input on Maps for Marine Protected Areas

The MLPA Regional Stakeholder Group (the people tasked with making the maps for protected areas) is entering into “Round 3 of map making”. After Round 3, the proposed maps will be given to the Blue Ribbon Taskforce and ultimately forwarded to the Fish & Game Commission for adoption into law.
The time to provide input on where you want Marine Protected Areas is now! The Surfrider Foundation has been obtaining information from our supporters through our survey. Please complete the survey by Aug 1st, if you haven't already.

We plan on sharing the information we have gathered with the Regional Stakeholder Group (RSG) in order to help them create maps that reflect what local communities want. On August 3rd and 4th, the RSG will be coming to San Diego (Carlsbad area). If you are interested in testifying about marine protected areas, we encourage your attendance. If you can attend and/or would like to help, contact Stefanie at: Please visit Surfrider’s MLPA blog to see the work we are doing, to stay informed about meeting locations, and to view links to proposed RSG maps.