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Metta8 Surf Necklace


Metta8 is Priscilla Bernstein's labor of love and personal dedication to sharing and spreading loving-kindness to the infinite degree through conscious creations. Her jewelry is designed to bring the wearer and those they come in contact with into a higher energy frequency. Priscilla has a never-ending love for nature and is inspired by the ocean daily. After living in Encinitas for the past two years, her heart was called to contribute to keeping her favorite beaches and surf breaks clean. After becoming a member of the Surfrider Foundation in 2014, she wanted to help preserve the spaces where she finds so much grounding and peace. Priscilla created the Surf Necklace with the intent to donate a portion of the proceeds from each necklace sold to the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter.

Click here to order your own Surf Necklace and support our mission of protecting the oceans, waves and beaches of San Diego County!