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Moving Beyond IPR

Surfrider Foundation was an early and strong supporter of the Groundwater Replenishment System project in Orange County, California. We also are working to promote the evaluation and implementation of other Indirect Potable Reuse (IPR) projects in San Diego and in other locations.

Meanwhile, forward-thinking engineers, planners and regulators are noting the success of IPR projects and looking beyond that to Direct Potable Reuse.

The National Water Research Institute recently published a "white paper" titled Regulatory Aspects of Direct Potable Reuse in California. This is now downloadable from the NWRI website. The Executive Summary of the report states:

" potable reuse may be a reasonable option to consider based upon significant advances in treatment technology and monitoring methodology in the last decade, health effects data from IPR projects and direct potable reuse demonstration facilities, and water quality and treatment performance data generated at operational IPR projects in the state that have advanced wastewater treatment."