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'Ms. Sylvia Pearlman on the Nose' by Julie Goldstein

Artist Julie Goldstein of San Diego has contributed a beautiful piece from a new woodcut collection that honors strong female role models, in this case her grandmother !  The piece is a 12 " x 14 ' hand-printed woodcut...a little about the piece in her own words..

"     Ms. Sylvia Pearlman is from a series of new woodcuts that I created in the past year.   She is one of several women that are depicted swimming and surfing in contrast to their more mundane environments.  I like to explore the female role and depict the complex layers of womanhood.  Most of the women in my work are inspired by strong female role models that I know personally.  In this series of woodcuts the women are reminiscent of childhood; free, rebellious, and playful.    They often wear clothing inspired by the 1930s, 40's and 50's.  Ms. Sylvia Pearlman is the name of my grandmother on my fathers side.   She was a beautiful woman, independent from traditional women's roles, extremely fashionable and quite humorous."
 Julie’s art practice draws inspiration from the natural environment, the sea, urban culture, and experiences from her travels. In multimedia works on paper and fabric, she mixes lithographic and woodcut printmaking techniques with sewing, embroidery, and other traditional “women’s arts”—the result is a hybrid, contemporary style with urban motifs and lively depictions of friends and family. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally since 1998
This past year she collaborated with ROXY, Alternative Apparel, REEF, and Patagonia, creating everything from textile designs for apparel to skateboard decks.
Julie lives in Cardiff-by-the-Sea;  click on Ms. Sylvia Pealman to the right to see more about Julie and her art!