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Network Meeting Minutes from Jan 13th

January, 13th, 2010
Present: Surfrider, T.R.C.C., Proyecto Fronterizo, Fundacion la Puerta, WiLDCOAST
Next Meeting: February 18th , 2010 at 6:30pm at WiLDCOAST office

Visions for this Network:
Better collaboration between all parties, power outreach, access to information, keeping the issue at forefront. Improvement of the Tijuana River Valley on water quality, trash and sediment, the problem has no barriers, it is one bio-region, one watershed. More cleanups and water quality transparency in information by CESPT. More outreach and education. To have a shared purpose, responsibility, and awareness through community action

Decision making process:
By consensus agreement

Organizations that will be involved
Proyecto fronterizo
Fundacion la puerta

Potential new organizations to be recruited:
Border meetup
I love a clean San Diego
Tijuana Calidad de Vida

Communication process: we discussed using social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and SMS texting externally and via a list serve internally.

Network goal
To renew Tijuana river by working together for a solution giving a voice to the community by engaging in cleanups, outreach, education and advocacy to address the root cause of the Tijuana River pollution.

Common themes discussed throughout meeting:
Prevention support: Maquiladora pollution, find alternative and innovative solutions at source
Contacting our representatives
Social networking as a means to engage new people

Network should engage in:
Bi-national cleanups: Have all of our cleanups be bi-national
Community outreach and education to schools: kids for clean water, PROBEA, colleges and universities
Advocacy training: bi-national social engagement by elected officials, how to write letters etc.

Things to work on for next meeting:
Names for the network
Who we will be the lead from your organization
One pager for bullet point platform

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 18th at 6:30pm, WiLDCOAST offices in Imperial Beach