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Ocean Friendly Garden Assistance Party aims to Conserve Water and Keep our Ocean Clean

DATE 07/08/14

Contact: Susan Krzywicki, Co-Chair Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee
Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter
Phone: (619) 318-4590

Ocean Friendly Garden Assistance Party aims to Conserve Water and Keep our Ocean Clean

CARLSBAD, CA - On Saturday, July 12th from 9am-3pm the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter will be hosting a Garden Assistance Party at a residence in Carlsbad as part of the organization’s Oceans Friendly Gardens program.  This program applies CPR (conservation, permeability, and retention) to our landscapes in an effort to reduce urban runoff and improve water quality. 

The Surfrider Foundation has been working diligently alongside local stakeholders to increase efforts aimed at reducing ocean pollution caused by urban runoff.  Part of those efforts include launching an Ocean Friendly Gardens program to educate residents on what they can do to protect our ocean.  When rainwater leaves our properties, it runs along our curbs and gutters and into our storm drains, picking up pollutants along the way.  This urban runoff flows directly into our waterways untreated, and is the number one source of ocean pollution.

“It’s a great way for homeowners to gain water independence by leveraging the rainwater resources that typically escape our gardens in the form of runoff.  Everyone can be involved in improving water quality, and this Garden Assistance Party is the culmination of our efforts.  We put our teachings into practice by planting, mulching and installing the actual garden,” said Susan Krzywicki, Co-Chair of Ocean Friendly Gardens.

Surfrider volunteers will install an Ocean Friendly Garden at the home of a local resident.  Volunteers will be led by professionals to properly plant low water use species, add a bioswale (a water catchment area) with rocks and boulders, and finish the project with a layer of mulch to conserve moisture.  By the end of the day, the homeowner will be on their way to a beautiful and functional Ocean Friendly Garden!

The homeowner knows the value of this fun, hands-on event saying, "I cant wait to actually implement all the concepts I have learned over the past few months working with Surfrider.  I really hope my yard will inspire others in my neighborhood to implement their own Ocean Friendly Garden.”

Participants are asked to register at, wear closed toed shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and bring a reusable water bottle.  Light food and drinks will be provided.  The address will be shared with those who register.

For more on the Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter's Ocean Friendly Gardens program, visit or contact