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Ocean Friendly Restaurant Monthly Roundup, February 2023


New & Renewed OFRS in February:

             Keep an eye of the OFR list for newly added restaurants


Upcoming OFR Events:

  • Through the month of March, all San Diego Fig Tree Cafe* locations will give back 100% of every dollar spent on the Vegan Lemon Strawberry French Toast to our San Diego chapter in furtherance of the protection and enjoyment of our ocean, waves, and beaches. Advocacy is delicious :) 
  • Volunteer Rally March-April. The volunteer who recruits the most new or renewed restaurants will win a gift card to an OFR. 
  • OFR Volunteers will be tabling at the Surfrider Moonlight Beach Cleanup on March 18th 9am-11am. Come see us :)
  • Chapter meeting at The Plot (an OFR) on March 26th, space is limited, please register 

Monthly OFR Spotlight: The Plot

The Plot, in Oceanside works to become fully zero-waste by tackling the frequently overlooked waste within our food systems. They support regenerative farming by serving a plant-based menu  sourced from regenerative farms, including their very own located next door. They cut food waste to less than 1% by adapting it into recipes, feeding their tortoises, and composting when all else fails.

In addition to caring a lot about their impact on the environment, they also care a lot about the food. Their menu is for everyone, but the foodies that appreciate creativity in the kitchen will be especially intrigued. The owner explained the chefs “look at every little thing and try to elevate it to it’s highest value”. She shared examples of using orange peels (from their fresh squeezed o.j.) for a signature dressing, and drying and smoking mushrooms to add the necessary “funk” to vegan cheese. 

It’s no wonder the owner imagines the future of ecological conscious dining to be “Fun, sexy and boundary pushing”