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Ocean Friendly Takeout

In this moment of curbside and takeout only, zero wasters, plastic free warriors, and otherwise impact- conscious consumers might feel a little defeated when it comes to meal time. It's hard to know ahead of time what your meal will come packaged in when ordering, and a plastic bag full of styrofoam certainly doesn't lift the spirits - if you're into waste reduction anyway. Our OFR program ensures that when you order takeout, you won't receive styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic straws, or any utensil unless you request them.*

Luckily, a handful of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants are still offering delivery curbside pickup:
This list will be updated as restaurants change their status

Create less harmful waste by supporting your local Ocean Friendly Restaurants, and help make sure your favorite OFR is still around and thriving when we're all back to making lunch dates with friends!

* Please be mindful that small restaurants are being hit extremely hard by these mandatory dining room closures, and we cannot guarantee the availability of preferred packaging as all open restaurants move into takeout only. If you receive a piece of packaging that is not in line with OFR, you may email us at, but please offer your eatery grace during this highly unusual time.