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Oceanside Robertson's Concrete Update

From super activist Marty Benson.....

I attended that meeting with a "No Robertson's" button and I am of the opinions that

- a full EIR should have been required;
- a site in the flood plain, right on an already impaired body of
water that feeds into a popular beach suffering from regular closures
is not the place for a concrete plant;
- a site located within a quarter mile of a new mass transit stop
(Sprinter) is better utilized as a mixed use property, and such a use
would create more jobs and benefit for the city and pollution in
- O'side city council should more closely abide by the Oceanside
Boulevard Corridor Vision on which it spent $600k; and
- a worthwhile council would listen to the preponderance of its
constituents when making a decision.

These points were hit by the resident and enviro group opponents who far outnumbered the project proponents. Unfortunately, Oceanside is run by a 3-2 majority of pro-development people masquerading as conservatives.

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