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Oceanside to Ban Smoking at Sidewalk Cafes on City Property

Oceanside City Council has tentatively approved the re-drafting of an ordinance that would ban cigarette smoking at restaurants and bars that use city sidewalks for their outdoor dining areas.  The originally proposed ordinance would have banned smoking at all outdoor eating areas, not just those on city property and would have required establishments to post a "no smoking" sign - essentially, it would have gone a lot further to protect Oceanside against the harms of cigarette litter.  The ordinance received push back from business owners and city council member Jerry Kern, hence its revision.

Folks from the Vista Community Clinic, Tobacco-Free Communities Coalition, the American Heart Associations, and countless Oceanside residents were among the supporters present at the council meeting to educate the council members and advocate for the ban.

To read more about the June 5th City Council meeting that led to this decision, check out the UT SD's coverage:  UT SD - Oceanside Bans Smoking at Sidewalk Cafes  

What do you think about the city's proposed ban?  Think they didn't do enough to protect against cigarette litter at outdoor dining areas?