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Oceanside will #SkipTheStuff!

"One small step for Oceanside, one huge giant leap for reducing the plastic debris in our coastal waters."

                                                              Diane Nygaard, Preserve Calevera

Team Ocean prevailed at last night's Oceanside City Council meeting. Surfrider activists, supporters and allies showed up in force with a unified mission - urging the council to adopt a #SkipTheStuff ordinance that would require all disposable plastic straws, utensils, and other accessories to be given only upon request at Oceanside restaurants.

The odds were stacked against us after the council rejected a tougher Marine Debris Reduction Ordinance in March, and instead directed staff to downgrade it into a resolution without any actual requirements for businesses in Oceanside. 

But after listening to an outpour of support from residents and businesses from both Oceanside and neighboring communities, the council agreed that a #SkipTheStuff ordinance would be a win-win-win for Oceanside's residents, businesses and natural environment. Deputy Mayor Keim made a motion and the council voted unanimously to have staff draft an ordinance!

On behalf of the San Diego County Chapter and the entire Surfrider activist network, THANK YOU to the more than 50 people who submitted a public comment, email, phone call or signed a letter in support of this campaign. And of course, thank you to the Oceanside city staff and council for working with us, listening to your constituents, and ultimately agreeing that a #SkipTheStuff ordinance makes sense. We look forward to seeing it drafted and voted into law as soon as possible.

item 18: marine debris resolution, part 1
  • Staff Report from Collen Foster, Environmental Officer
  • Public Comment from Brian (M'Porte), Ben (Bristlecone Market), Ashmeen (El Camino High student), Melissa (Oceana), Diane Nygaard (Preserve Calavera), and Minna (SD Green New Deal Alliance)

item 18: marine debris resolution, part 2
  • Public Comment from Diane, Noah (El Camino High student), Suzanne (Clean Earth 4 Kids), Erin (O'side resident), Jimmy (O'side resident) Kevin (Dr. Bronner's), Marissa (Sonora Refillery), Alex (Surfrider SD Exec Committee Chair), Mitch (Surfrider SD Chapter Manager), Janis (Surfrider SD Plastics Policy Co-Lead), and Kenneth (Carlsbad High student, VP Carlsbad Cleanups Club)
  • Council Discussion and Motion to Draft Ordinance