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Oil Drilling News

September 2

Legislature OKs Oil Drilling In Long Beach

Environmentalists to support oil drilling (Santa Barbara)

Oil is too valuable to drill

August 30 - September 1

California State Senate completes final passage of joint resolution asking Congress to renew the federal waters OCS offshore drilling moratorium.;=CUR&house;=B&site;=sen

Drilling Poses Potential Threat to Florida Shores (Surfline article by Terry Gibson)

Crude Realities (Africa)

Drill Here? Why Now? (Newsweek)

Drilling for offshore oil a bad bet for consumers,0,5634049.story

For N.C., offshore drilling debate hits close to home

August 29

Editorial: Offshore Drilling

Florida's Tourism Executives Revisit Offshore Drilling

Oil Slick Kills More Than 200 Penguins (Brazil)

August 28

Oil Me Once (Santa Barbara Oil Drilling Vote)

Bartlett urges Congress to support offshore oil drilling;_id=202084&format;=html

When Congress returns, a practical energy plan awaits

August 27

Santa Barbara County supervisors expected to back offshore oil drilling,0,5800487.story

Decision on Offshore Drilling To Test New Nominees

One 400-Gallon Argument Against Offshore Oil Drilling

Bible reveals no coastline is sacred: Drill away!

Surfrider - Oil Drilling Talking Points

Surfrider - Action Alert