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Oil Industry Mounts Multi-Million $$ Ad Campaign

The American Petroleum Institute, which represents the oil and gas industry, wants to [no surprise here] push Congress to lift the moratorium on offshore drilling off the Florida coast and other parts of the country. In order to accomplish this , they've launched a multi-million $ ad campaign, buying full-page ads in the St. Petersburg Times, Orlando Sentinel and other newspapers around Florida, as well as in USA Today and Newsweek magazine, and running radio ads as well.

In response, a coalition of environmental groups including Surfrider Foundation, Sierra Club, and Defenders of Wildlife, as well as some businesspeople worried about beach pollution harming tourism have set up a Web site, Don't Rig Florida's Economy.

Also see Surfrider's Oil Drilling Talking Points;=Oil_Industry_Counts_on_Public_Support_to_Win_Drilling_Battle