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Oil Versus Seafood in Alaska; Protecting Beaches and a Marine Sanctuary in Florida

Oil Versus Your Seafood: Breaking the bounty of Bristol Bay
"The U.S. Mineral Management Service predicts oil drilling is expected to generate $7 billion over 25 to 40 years. Yet sustainable fisheries in the bay and the southeast Bering Sea that could be affected by drilling are valued at more than $2 billion every year, according to the Alaska Marine Conservation Council. The potential for environmental disaster is real. The Interior Department’s own environmental assessment predicts one large oil spill and numerous smaller spills during the undetermined amount of time that oil projects would continue. A large spill could contaminate Bristol Bay’s shores, inter-tidal waters and fish habitat for many years. Bristol Bay is too valuable to risk harming. Let’s not sacrifice our seafood and an ecological treasure for oil."
Marine sanctuary advisors to hear drilling report
“The sanctuary council has a history of opposing any gulf drilling. A 2007 resolution declares, "We support the strongest possible protection for Florida and other fragile marine environments from the impacts of offshore oil and gas exploration and development." The council reaffirmed that position in 2009.”

Protect state's beaches, economy