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Om in the Barrel by Patricio Thompson

Om in the Barrel, Patricio Thompson

Check out Om in the Barrel by Patricio Thompson

(24" by 36" - Limited edition print [1/100])!


Deep in the barrel, looking back, the sunlight fades and the visual images freeze; yet, you can still hear a massive, rumbling, crashing wave that never ends.


A little about the artist: Patricio is self-taught.  His work has been displayed in San Diego at the Salazar Gallery and La Costa Resort & Spa.  Paintings by Patricio also reside in several private collections.  His major influences are Banksy, Jean Michel Basquiat, Henri Matisse, Gerardo Murillo, Jackson Pollock, Dennis Wentworth Porter, Diego Rivera, Maurice Utrillo and Vincent Van Gogh.

To see more of Patricio’s work, please visit his site: Patricio Thompson