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Poseidon Resources’ Carlsbad Ocean Desalination Proposal: The Truth – and Nothing But the Truth

Here is the first of a series of blog posts to help the tax-payers, water agencies, policy makers, and interested parties understand one of the most ill-conceived projects in the history of Southern California: The Carlsbad Desalination Project, by Poseidon Resources. 

We hope you post comments, and ask questions so we can clarify and articulate our position as needed.  Thank you!

Poseidon Resources’ Carlsbad Ocean Desalination Proposal: The Truth – and Nothing But the Truth!

Poseidon Resources is a capital venture-type of corporation proposing to construct and operate the largest ocean desalination facility in the Western Hemisphere. This proposal has been under consideration for many years and the corporation has made numerous public relations claims over that period that, to date, have been misleading if not utterly false.

It is critical to the decisions of our elected representatives, government agencies with permitting authorities and duties, communities expecting to receive this product water, and communities affected by the facility itself that the truth be known.

We will be posting a series of reports into the claims Poseidon Resources has made to the public and scrutinizing them for their factual accuracy – or lack thereof.

The Truths discussed will include:

•    the project DOES NOT have final approval of the entitlements and permits;

•    the project IS NOT environmentally benign as Poseidon claims;
            - update: their claim of carbon neutrality is baloney 

•    the proposal IS NOT completely privately financed and DOES NOT offer the public benefits Poseidon claims;
 - update: the subsides they need from the Metropolitan Water District are in jeopardy 6/22/201

•    the assumption that diversity is beneficial in a water supply portfolio IS NOT an argument in favor of THIS project;

•    this proposed project IS NOT necessary. There are preferred alternatives to this project that offer multiple benefits and, if fully implemented, would alleviate the need for this expensive and unreliable proposal altogether;

•    the project WILL NOT lower water costs, despite all the subsidies and tax-exemptions, (there is no such thing as a free lunch);
- update: finally we are seeing this "investment" for what it is: a bad deal for rate-payers/tax-payers.

•    this project comes with a huge Buyer Beware sign for not only the water agencies and customers, but for any potential investor.

We will conclude the series with a summary of the dramatic shifts in the lack of truth Poseidon Resources has employed in their public relations and lobbying efforts over time – as well as an interesting correlated shift in growing opposition to the proposal. We will also compare ocean desalination proposals in California that have had relatively easy times getting approval, as well as support from public-interest groups – in stark contract to the Poseidon proposals in Carlsbad and Huntington Beach.

Check back repeatedly, or subscribe on the top right, as we attempt to clear away all the fog Poseidon Resources has created and let the light of Truth shine on this proposal.