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Pua Onaona by Elise Nicole

Elise Nicole has donated this one-of-a-kind acrylic and india ink on vintage Hawaiian sheet music.  The piece is named after the music itself.  Pua Onaona means fragrant flower.

Originally from the beaches of Texas, self taught artist Elise Nicole now calls Southern California home. As soon as she could leave the nest, she headed straight for the Hawai'i in the Pacific isles. Elise Nicole has traveled and lived all over the world in search of inspiration and perfect waves.

Somewhere between her soulful surf sessions, and travels abroad, there is a gnarly passion for creation. Elise's paintings are the bubbly scenes we all wish we could melt into. Warm colors bring to life popular surf breaks and flowing long hair of a girl perfectly perched on the nose of a longboard. She creates intuitively, generally without a plan, but as the canvas fills with colors, memories of salty play dates begin to emerge, something most of us can relate to. She strives to keep an eco-conscious outlook and often uses elements from the earth, or reclaimed objects as her canvas.

Check out Elise's blog Salt Water Diary for more of her work.