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877 Hornblend Street
San Diego, CA 92109

We’d like to introduce Pueblo as one of our Ocean Friendly Restaurants! Pueblo has taken the next step in becoming environmentally conscious by eliminating expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam as well as plastic bags for to-go orders. Pueblo has also made the switch to reusable tableware during onsite dining and has adopted proper recycling practices. Takeaway utensils and straws are only handed out upon request! We thank Pueblo for being ocean friendly!

Pueblo, located in San Diego, is a Mexican restaurant that offers not only delicious seafood and drinks but also provides rooftop seating with a fun, coastal based atmosphere! You can come to Pueblo with your family and friends for dinners, happy hour, birthday celebrations, wedding receptions, and much more!

Comments from the restaurant:

Pueblo is committed to responsible and sustainable earth friendly practices in all of our efforts to be a good member of the world community. We are thrilled that there exists, and to participate in, the Surfrider Foundation's Ocean Friendly Restaurant program.