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Rain Vessels

Rain barrels and other water catchment systems are fantastic ways to save rainwater for later use in the garden or home, but they do much more than that, they can help to reduce runoff pollution by collecting the water that pours off of our roofs before it runs down our driveways, into the gutters and out to our watersheds and the ocean, picking up pollutants along the way.

Thankfully, due to our water crises and increasing education about water pollution, water catchment is finally becoming popular and with it come a wonderful variety of options for catching and re-using that water!
One new option is Rain Vessels, a local company that offers ceramic rain barrels or 'vessels' for those highly conspicuous areas of the garden or patio.
They come in a variety of sizes and glaze colors and can be purchased through Courtyard Pottery in Solana Beach. You can also check out the Rain Vessels blog to learn more!
To learn more about water cachement and other Ocean Friendly Garden techniques sign up to attend the Ocean Friendly Gardens program workshops!