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"Raindrop" Surfboard

The piece being donated, Raindrop, is a 6 channel single fin shaped by Hank Warner. Hank won the Shaper's Choice award last year at the Billabong Art of Shaping event in San Diego. The award is peer selected from the heritage shaping community of San Diego.

The art on Raindrop, by Greg Webster, is pigmented resin and fiberglass inlays. Each drop of water and each ray of sun is an individual piece of fiberglass cloth, individually layed up and tinted or opaqued. The circle splatters on the water are brushed resin and the surface of the water is a resin tint. The piece has been finished just as if it was a production board, being ground and sanded back flat, and then glossed and polished. The piece is finished with resin pinlines.