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Reaction to Offshore Drilling Plan

The reactions are coming in on the Obama administration's announcement yesterday of plans to increase offshore oil drilling along the Atlantic Coast, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska. As you can see by clicking on the links below, the reactions are overwhelmingly.............negative.


Risk Is Clear in Drilling; Payoff Isn’t

Obama goes offshore

Obama's Compromise on Drilling Pleases No One

Oil drilling -- a nasty national habit

Obama and offshore drilling: a crude move
“President Obama tried to make a skillful political decision by permitting some offshore drilling for oil and natural gas. But he's obscured a more important message: The US must leave oil behind.”

NOAA Concerns Brushed Aside in Obama Offshore Drilling Plan


No California offshore drilling for now


DE Senators decry drilling decision
“Senators Ted Kaufman and Tom Carper say they share the President's commitment to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, but lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling is not the answer.”