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Recycle your flip flops and surfboards here!

In addition to the Clif Bar Wrapper Challenge, there are two other great ways to recycle items that usually go to the landfill: flip flops and surfboards.

Flip Flops! Bring your old flip flops to donate to's Formerly Flip Flops recycling campaign. They'll be on hand to collect old flip flops and will also be selling funky jewelry made from old flip flops by the award-winning UniquEco, with proceeds helping to build a sustainable economy in Nairobi, Africa.

Surfboards! will be at the event to collect your used, broken or beat down surfboard. They will find a way to reuse it or will have it grinded down into construction materials. Surfboard manufacturing can be a dirty business so the more we can reduce, reuse, rerip and recycle surfboard the better off for the environment and everyone.

As Jack Johnson likes to remind the kids: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!