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Recycle your foam with Waste to Waves

Waste to Waves(TM) is an exciting new  program by Sustainable Surf. It’s for recycling lots of different waste materials into new, eco-friendlier surfing products.

For the initial launch campaign, you can “Turn Your Trash Into Slash,” by recycling your waste packaging foam – aka “styrofoam” – into new eco-friendlier surfboard blanks.

You can just drop off your waste packaging foam (technically it’s called Expanded PolyStyrene or EPS) at a local participating surfshop.  The campaign will pick it up from there and get it turned into a new recycled EPS/Epoxy surfboard blank.

By participating, you can directly help create “greener” surfboard materials that help reduce negative impacts from surfboard production, and you’ll be diverting this foam/plastic trash away from the waste stream and potentially ending up on our oceans, waves and beaches.

The program runs from Nov 22 – Jan 31st in select surf shops in both Southern and Northern CA.  We can’t work without your help! So this holiday season, head down to your local participating surfshop to drop off your recyclable “styrofoam” from packaging waste,  into a Waste to Waves branded collection box. We will take it from there!

For more information and a complete list of drop off locations go to