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Regrouping for next month, no meeting tonight!

Our next Encinitas Lawn Patrol will be SUNDAY MAY 22nd at 10am.   We will meet at the end of Encinitas Blvd at Moonlight Beach and check out our latest OFG and a few other gardens that have made a great start! 

Our next meeting will be May 31st at 7pm, keep posted for the location!!

We will be looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Liasons between OFG and one of the following groups or agencies:  CNPS, CCC, Master Gardeners, MWD, local cities, and more.  Our liasons will keep groups and agencies with similar goals up to date on OFG events and updates.
  • Blog posters: volunteers to keep our blog updated on local events that are OFG, garden, and water related in San Diego or Southern California.
  • PR and Events: one or two volunteers who can reach out to local papers, agencies, etc. and get info out about upcoming OFG events and who can keep the OFG team posted on upcoming events (garden tours, etc.) where we might want an OFG booth.
  • OFG Booth staffers:  anyone interesting in staffing OFG booths at local garden tours or other green fair events!

If any of these opportunities sounds fun to you or if you have any questions please contact Morgan at for more information!

We are also putting together a presentation for the upcoming Headwaters to Ocean Conference next month in San Diego!

See you next month!!