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Reporting Stormwater Discharges

San Diego Stormwater Runoff Prevention hotline
-->report illegal discharges (619) 235-1000

(9.2 Public Reporting of Illicit Discharges and ConnectionsThe City of San Diego has an established hotline to promote, publicize, and facilitatepublic reporting of illicit discharges or water quality impacts associated with dischargesinto or from the storm drain system. Reports of illicit discharges and connections can beconveyed to the City of San Diego Storm Water Division in English and Spanish 24hours per day/seven days per week through the hotline (619-235-1000) and faxes (619-758-2309). Other public comments are also received via the “Think Blue” website.)

Urban Runoff Management Plans & Storm Water Ordinance Amendment

Best Management Practices that relate to OFG:
8Protect landscaped areas fromerosion by maintaining vegetativecoverPlant and maintain healthy ground cover on exposed soils to reducerunoff and erosion of soils that may contain or transport pollutantsReduces erosion andassociated pollutants

9 Eliminate irrigation runoff to thestorm drain systemThe goal of this BMP is to eliminate irrigation runoff to the stormdrain system through proper landscape maintenance and wateringpractices, though it is recognized that some irrigation runoff mayoccur due to broken sprinklers, irrigation system failures, etc. Adoptproper watering and site design practices, properly maintainirrigation systems by abating runoff from broken sprinklers and othersystem components, control overspray, and abide by local wateringrestrictions.Reduces potential for nonstormwater to enter stormdrain system