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Reporting Water Waste

A common question that has come up during our Ocean Friendly Garden meetings is how to report water waste when we see it. 

Most of our municipalities have a source on their website for reporting water waste and you can call or send an e-mail with the address and time that you noticed the waste.  Ironically, it is often the municipality itself that is the major source of leaking pipes and inefficient irrigation.  Personally, I can hardly count the number of times I have driven San Marcos Boulevard or Leucadia Boulevard late at night and seen our sidewalks and gutters getting a nice bath from the inefficient irrigation systems along those roads.  HOA's and large business parks are also a common source as many of these tend to have large landscaped areas that are not always up to date in sustainability.

Next time you see our roads being washed by wasteful irrigation systems take a note of where and when you saw it and visit your city's Department of Water website to let them know about the problem. 

Example:  City of San Diego 

Also, check here for the County of San Diego's Watershed Protection Program Home Page.