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"Residents fail to meet water conservation goal "

According to San Diego's Mayor citizens just aren't doing enough when it comes to water conservation. I'm sure you are getting tired of hearing "you need to do more." But the fact is that if we don't do more than it might hit everyone right where it hurts; our pocket book. Southern Californians meet just over half of the requested conservation goal of 10% according to Mayor Sanders. This could mean tougher restrictions and increased law enforcement. Sanders said "mandatory conservation measures could be rolled out this winter," according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Can we do more as a city? This is question that we should be asking ourselves. There are many things we can do on a personal and community level. San Diego dumps a large quantity of water from the Colorado River directly into the Ocean. This is water that we could and should conserve and distributed to San Deigns. In addition, alternate water treatment facilities, such as "toilet to tap," could easily be implemented. This would ease the strain on our water woes. If we continue the path we have chosen there just might not be a future for San Diego. Ask yourself, “What can I do to help?”