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Rise Above Plastics with our Stainless Steel Food Containers

We're pumped about our new Surfrider SD stainless steel to-go containers from our friends at M'Porté! To celebrate, we're offering a discount on bamboo utensils and tote bags when ordered together as a zero waste package. Now it's easier than ever to support our chapter while enjoying a zero waste day at the beach! 

Now that's how you beach responsibly!
Pricing (proceeds support our chapter)

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When it comes to Plastic Pollution, our chapter's major focus remains on local & statewide policy campaigns to reduce the amount of single-use plastic distributed in San Diego County.

That said, the seeds of change do sprout in each of us as individuals... and our personal lifestyle choices, however small, ultimately contribute to collective impact. Furthermore, many a Surfrider activist can attest to the personal reward (and empowerment) that results from cutting unnecessary plastic waste from their daily routine.

More often that not, our personal journey lays the foundation for our future activism... "if even a nincompoop like me can do this, then change is definitely possible!" 

A plastic-free line in the sand

In our culture - where throwaway plastic foodware is sadly the norm - to boldly opt for reusables is nothing less than a courageous act in support of our ocean, waves, beaches, and planet. Whether you purchase this stuff or not, we encourage you to be on the frontlines (of change!), to be the harbinger of doom (to plastic!), the canary in the coal mine (of a sustainable future!), the writing on the wall (for polluters!), the "reusable" straw in the wind... ok you get the picture. 

Our point - we encourage and support everyone who "models" the sustainable behavior that we hope to, want to, and must bring to the mainstream in San Diego and beyond. Ultimately, this effort is cultural as much as political. 

In addition to being a great value for people & planet, an investment in our mission-based merch supports our local efforts to educate the community about plastic pollution and push through real policy changes to stop it at the source. 


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